I am a political scientist specializing in European Union politics at the Institute for European Integration Research (EIF), University of Vienna.

My research interests fall broadly in the field of multilevel governance, European and national, with an empirical focus on environmental regulation and fiscal policy issues. I am especially interested in the relation between (constitutional) law and politics, the interplay between the single market and social regulation, and in the policy-making dynamics of federal and federated polities. I have a firm background in qualitative methods and interdisciplinary legal research.

My PhD thesis examines the dynamics of energy efficiency policy-making in the EU. It demonstrates how decision arenas beyond the Council of Ministers facilitate policy-change in a system that relies strongly on negotiations among heterogeneous veto-players. It is currently under revision for publication.

I have moreover published, inter alia, on the role of non-majoritarian institutions in multilevel governance, namely the German Constitutional Court (here and here) and the European Central Bank (here).

Have a look at my vita and publications here or contact me at henning @ deters . me.

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