The Book Is Out

Yesterday, I finally received a long-awaited parcel with volumes of my book”The EU’s Green Dynamism: Deadlock and Change in Energy and Environmental Policy”, fresh from the press. The book emerged from my dissertation in which I set out to explore the EU’s capacity for effective problem-solving in environmental protection. The project began while I was doing research in Christian Joerges’ and Josef Falke’s interdisciplinary (law and politics) project on “Social Regulation in Transnational Structures” at the now defunct Collaborative Research Centre 597 on the “Transformations of the State”. For the dissertation, I was concurrently enrolled at the Bremen International School of Social Sciences. I like to think that some of the interdisciplinary approach is still visible in the book, especially when it comes to the European Court of Justice’s role in shaping the bargaining power of member states within what Fritz W. Scharpf would call a “compulsory negotiation setting”. I was extremely lucky to have my dissertation supervised by Susanne K. Schmidt and Fritz Scharpf. The manuscript has seen many, many revisions; and I can only confirm the old adage that a dissertation manuscript is merely the point of origin for a publishable book. The crucial step from thesis to book was made at the Institute for European Integration Research in Vienna under excellent working conditions. I really enjoyed working with ECPR Press (now in joint-venture with Rowman & Littlefield), who made the whole process from proposal to peer review and final proof extremely smooth.

You can read about the book’s content at the publication page, together with the generous blurbs the book has received.

Henning Deters
Assistant Professor