New Article on Policy Coherence in EU Energy Efficiency

The latest special issue of Environmental Policy and Governance features a paper that I wrote on policy-coherence in the EU’s energy efficiency policy. I had prepared this paper originally for a workshop in Cambridge on EU energy policy, organized by Luigi Carafa, and presented it on various occasions in the meantime. In the paper, I argue that the multiple venues available to policy-makers ensure greater coherence between policy measures and policy goals (internal coherence) than would otherwise be the case in a system that relies strongly on positional bargaining. The special issue, edited jointly by Andrea Lenschow, Pierre Bocquillon, and Luigi deals with the coherence between policy spheres, using the example of energy and environmental policies, and it’s a highly interesting read if you’re interested in the trade-offs and synergies in these policy-areas. More information on my contribution can be found on the publication page page.

Henning Deters
Assistant Professor