Agenda-Dynamics in the European Politics of Land: Explaining the Soil Protection Gap

Explaining the EU's Green Dynamism

Combining the joint-decision trap model with the major theories of European integration, this project examines how the EU can be an environmental pace-maker, when it virtually depends on the agreement of all member states. The project looks into the bargaining dynamics of recent EU legislation at the nexus of energy, climate, and environmental policy. It includes case-studies on the first CO2 emission standards for passenger cars, the phase-out of incandescent light bulbs, and the energy efficiency directive.

Policy Coherence by Subterfuge? Arenas and Compromise-Building in the EU Energy Efficiency Policy

Dieselgate and Enforcement

Abgasnormen für PKW: Von Regeln à la carte zu europäischer Durchsetzung

The EU's Green Dynamism, Decision-making Strategies and the Alignment of Legislative Actors

Entscheidungshürden und Antriebskräfte bei der Verminderung von CO2-Emissionen von PKW

Process Tracing in the Development and Validation of Theoretical Explanations: The Example of Environmental Policy-Making in the EU

Legislating on Car Emissions. What Drives Standards in EU Environmental Policy?