European agenda-setting

Remapping the EU landscape post-crisis and after Lisbon

The EU’s Green Dynamism

Environmental policy success in a multi-veto constellation.


Rather than being constrained by the least ambitious governments, the EU has until recently set the pace of national environmental …

Soil is a non-renewable and increasingly deteriorating resource, yet it is barely protected by European Union (EU) legislation. This …

Combining the joint-decision trap model with the major theories of European integration, The EU’s Green Dynamism examines how the EU …

This paper looks at how policy‐makers use various alternative decision arenas to avoid internal policy incoherence. Inconsistency …


EU Environmental Policy at 50: Five Decades of Escaping Decision-Traps?

Download the datafile and R code here.


I am currently teaching these courses:

  • The EU Between Market Constitution and Market Correction (Master Seminar at the Department for International Business Administration)
  • The EU’s Regulatory Policies (Extracurricular Seminar at the Department of Political Science)

Please see u:space or, if you are enrolled as student, the respective Moodle sites for course details and past teaching. I don’t have office hours at the moment, so just sent me an email to fix an appointment.


… and will return mid-September

New Paper in Environmental Policy & Governance

The latest special issue of Environmental Policy and Governance features a paper that I wrote on policy-coherence in the EU’s …

Yesterday, I finally received a long-awaited parcel with volumes of my book”The EU’s Green Dynamism: Deadlock and Change in …

Curriculum Vitae

Download my full CV and publication list in pdf format here.


Assistant Professor

Centre for European Integration Research (EIF), Institute for Political Science

2016 – Present University Vienna
Research and Teaching on European Policy and Politics

Travelling Factotum

Various employers

2015 – 2016 Canada (Québec, mostly)
Rolling Maki, Selling Pants, Hiking the Rockies

Affiliated Fellow

Centre of European Law and Politics (ZERP)

2014 – 2015 University Bremen
Finalizing PhD thesis

Research Associate

Collaborative Research Centre 597 “Transformations of the State”

2008 – 2014 University Bremen
Interdisciplinary Project on Trade Liberalisation and Social Regulation

Research Associate

Jacobs University Bremen

2007 – 2008 Bremen, Germany