Agenda-Dynamics in the European Politics of Land: Explaining the Soil Protection Gap

Soil is a non-renewable and increasingly deteriorating resource, yet it is barely protected by European Union (EU) legislation. This constitutes a puzzling gap within the otherwise encompassing and progressive environmental policy of the EU. To …

Policy Coherence by Subterfuge? Arenas and Compromise-Building in the EU Energy Efficiency Policy

This paper looks at how policy‐makers use various alternative decision arenas to avoid internal policy incoherence. Inconsistency between goals and measures in a policy indirectly results from conflicting interests pulling in different directions …

Abgasnormen für PKW: Von Regeln à la carte zu europäischer Durchsetzung

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The EU's Green Dynamism, Decision-making Strategies and the Alignment of Legislative Actors

Entscheidungshürden und Antriebskräfte bei der Verminderung von CO2-Emissionen von PKW

Process Tracing in the Development and Validation of Theoretical Explanations: The Example of Environmental Policy-Making in the EU

This article recalls a distinction between research designs that focus on either the ‘causes of effects’ or the ‘effects of causes’ and compares it to a related but not identical distinction between the aims of developing and testing theoretical …

Legislating on Car Emissions. What Drives Standards in EU Environmental Policy?