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Von Anpassung zur Mitgestaltung? Die Rolle deutscher Landesparlamente bei der Reform der Entsenderichtlinie

Remapping the European Agenda‐Setting Landscape

In the European Union, agenda‐setting is formally centralized with the European Commission. During the last decade since the Lisbon Treaty, however, this agenda‐setting monopoly was challenged by other institutions against the backdrop of Treaty …

Policy making

This chapter examines how the EU transforms political issues and demands into policy decisions. Due to its multi-faceted nature, European environmental policy making cannot be captured fully by any single theory. Instead, it is shaped by a …

Agenda-Dynamics in the European Politics of Land: Explaining the Soil Protection Gap

Soil is a non-renewable and increasingly deteriorating resource, yet it is barely protected by European Union (EU) legislation. This constitutes a puzzling gap within the otherwise encompassing and progressive environmental policy of the EU. To …

The EU’s Green Dynamism: Deadlock and Change in Energy and Environmental Policy

Combining the joint-decision trap model with the major theories of European integration, The EU’s Green Dynamism examines how the EU can be an environmental pace-maker, when it virtually depends on the agreement of all member states. The book …

Policy Coherence by Subterfuge? Arenas and Compromise-Building in the EU Energy Efficiency Policy

This paper looks at how policy‐makers use various alternative decision arenas to avoid internal policy incoherence. Inconsistency between goals and measures in a policy indirectly results from conflicting interests pulling in different directions …

Abgasnormen für PKW: Von Regeln à la carte zu europäischer Durchsetzung

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Waiting for Merkron: The Franco-German Relationship and Eurozone Reform after the Elections

The EU's Green Dynamism, Decision-making Strategies and the Alignment of Legislative Actors

Deliberative Supranationalism in the Euro Crisis? The European Central Bank and the European Council in Times of Conflict